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Along with cycling coaching, we offer individualized strength training plans for cyclists who are wanting to optimize their performance, and remain healthy throughout the season. 


Cycling is a repetitive motion. In an average year, we turn the pedals thousands of times. If we have a muscle imbalance, it will eventually surface in some type of nagging injury. This is where strength training comes into play. Unlike other programs, we view strength training as the glue that holds us together throughout a long season. You will not be doing heavy back squats with our strength training program.


Our strength training is geared around uni-lateral exercises which is most similar to riding a bike. We focus a great deal of energy on core strength and posterior chain activation. Most cyclists are unable to stabilize their pelvis on the saddle which leads to a loss of power. In addition to that, as cyclists, we tend to be quad dominant. If we are able to recruit our hamstrings and glutes through the pedal stroke, we will become much more efficient and gain "free" power. 

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