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Fitwave Coaching

Fitwave was founded in 2018 out of a desire for change. Our mission is to empower each of our athletes to reach their full potential, and challenge them to become mentally and physically stronger, resulting in better humans. 

    My Story

    My name is Luke Guyton and my Mom got me into BMX racing when I was eight years old as a way to build confidence. I quickly fell in love with riding bikes and the freedom they provided. I raced BMX on the national level for 12 years, and at one point, was ranked fourth best in the country. At age twenty, I was ready to take on a new goal. I found road cycling and loved the challenge it provided. The harder one trains, the better they become. I progressed through USA Cycling's ranks and am a Category 1 cyclist on the road. Over the past couple years I have fallen in love with gravel racing, which now makes up for the majority of my race schedule.


     ​I found the gym when I was thirteen. Like BMX, my Mom got me into strength training. When I was sixteen, I started working the front desk at a gym. When I turned eighteen, I became a personal trainer. I have now worked as a personal trainer/strength coach in some capacity for 12 years. 

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